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Key history of British Petroleum and the Rockefeller Empire, Standard Oil


Key Dates:


1889: Rockefeller's Standard Oil Trust establishes the Standard Oil Company (Indiana).
1892: The Standard Oil Trust is liquidated; Standard Oil (Indiana) becomes a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey).
1911: The government orders Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) to relinquish control of its subsidiaries; Standard Oil (Indiana)

becomes an independent company.
1929: Standard (Indiana) and five other Standard companies organize the Atlas Supply Company to sell automobile tires and other accessories.
1948: Standard (Indiana) forms a foreign exploration department to spearhead exploration efforts in Canada and other countries.
1951: The Iranian oil industry is nationalized, ousting Anglo-Iranian Oil.
1952: Standard Oil (Indiana) is the nation's largest domestic oil company.
1954: Anglo-Iranian Oil is renamed the British Petroleum Company, returns to Iran.
1961: Standard (Indiana) begins to use the brand name Amoco heavily in its advertising and subsidiary names.
1967: British Petroleum becomes the second largest chemicals company in the United Kingdom.
1978: Standard Oil (Indiana)'s tanker Amoco Cadiz runs aground, dumping thousands of tons of oil off the French coast.
1985: Standard Oil (Indiana) changes its name to Amoco Corporation.
1987: BP acquires SOHIO, forms BP America; the British government sells its shares of BP.
1988: Amoco buys Dome Petroleum, Ltd., of Canada.
1994: Amoco restructures, replacing its three major subsidiaries with a network of 17 business groups.
1996: BP merges its European refining and marketing operations with Mobil Corporation.
1997: Amoco begins a divestiture program designed to shed noncore properties.
1998: British Petroleum acquires Amoco Corporation, forming BP Amoco PLC.
2000: BP Amoco acquires Atlantic Richfield Co. and Burmah Castrol, changes its name to BP p.l.c.

Company History:

Formed by the 1998 merger of British Petroleum Company and Amoco Corporation, BP p.l.c. is the third largest oil company in the world…’


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Above is an abbreviated version of the timeline.

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